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  • Nattokinase+red yeast rice:Nattokinase+red yeast rice
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Key Features

Natto-Cardio - Nattokinase & Red yeast rice health food supplement


Natto-Cardio is a synergic blend effective for facilitating blood flow, reducing blood cholesterol and protecting the cardiovascular system. * natto is widely used in asia, effective help lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and also dissolving blood clotting.


Red Yeast Rice (anka)

Product information :

Sample Ingredients: Natto fermented powder , Anka powder,  Danshan extract powder, wild yam powder, Co Q10, Vitamin B2

Package:(picture above is for reference, actual sample product is in Chinese)

60 capsules / brown glass bottle / box

If you have other requirement for sample formula and package, please contact us.

Key features :

  • Cellulose capsules and natural herbal ingredients, best for vegetarians
  • Automatically controlled fermentation conditions ensures the quality of nutrients in the ingredients
  • Guaranteed activity of Nattokinase(1125FU) and Monakolin K(4.1mg)
  • Manufactured by best quality fermentation biotechnology company in Taiwan
  • ISO22000, ISO9001 & HACCP certified, quality guaranteed
  • Clinical research backed, effective within 4 weeks

About GeneFerm

Manufacturing Capability of GeneFerm

GeneFerm provide different service for you, from finished product, ODM, toll manufacturing, fermentation toll manufacturing. Fermentation ability is from 50 L to 55.000 L., and we have  big capacity in downstream process like extraction, purification and recovery. Also, various form of finished product, such as capsule, sachet, spout pouch is available. For more information please visit our web: www.geneferm.com


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