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NattoMena MK-7 Vitamin k2 powder
Specification:          Appearance: Off-white powder with hazel granules Specification: 1,000 ppm vitamin K2 (as MK-7) Suitable for vegetarian Introduction:   NattoMena MK-7 menaquinone-7 Vitamin k2 powder    Vitamin K is essential for normal
Specification:   Paecilomyces hepiali mycelia (Official Cordyceps sinensis substitute recognized by the Chinese SFDA) Appearance: Yellow powder Specification: Polysaccharides >15%, Adenosine >2.0 mg/g, Ergosterol >5.0 mg/g, D-Mannitol >10% Suitable for vegetar
Vital Enzyme Drink
Specification:              - Fermented from 38 kinds of local fruit and vegetables from Taiwan.            - 30ml/bottle               - Bottles availabe with Your Label or Your o



About Us

GeneFerm Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwan fermentation company established since 1999.
We are specialized in microbial fermentation, strains screening & recovery and purification technology. GeneFerm undertakes manufacturing, development and marketing of fermented fungi, microbial, probiotics products.
GeneFerm has advanced and complete in-house large scale fermentation facilities , including 2 sets of 55,000 L fermentors, 2 sets of 50,000 L fermentors, 4 sets of 50,000L extractors, centrifuges, filter equipments, freeze dryers and other recovery and purification equipments. Xinying Plant offers a complete preparation & packing line, providing you a one-stop service.
The company has cooperated with big companies in Taiwan, Europe, Japan, China, etc. GeneFerm products are marketed in more than 30 countries worldwide. With almost two decades’ experience in fermentation, recovery and purification technology. GeneFerm offers wide range of ODM, toll manufacturing services and finished products to Taiwan and international companies for development & manufacturing of dietary supplement, functional food, health food products and various applications.
All of GeneFerm's raw materials and products are under strictly quality assurance. GeneFerm guarantees high-quality & safe products, formulated and packaged to fulfill its customers’ needs.
In July 2016, GeneFerm(Stock number 1796) has listed in the emerging stock market in Taiwan. GeneFerm is also dedicated to building a quality work environment for employees and providing comprehensive training courses, diverse benefits and a safe working environment. This is the most important key elements to live up to its company philosophy.
Integrity, Expertise, Innovation and Respect for Life.


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